How to View a Private Instagram Profile – Read it Here

How to View a Private Instagram Profile – Read it Here

Instagram is the most popular and widely used platform. This social media is used by almost all of us and is one of the best ways to get a sneak peek into someone’s life. It gives you an idea about all their friends, followers, lifestyle etc. Want to follow your crush or keep an eye on your children both are possible with this social media platform. But the problem occurs when the account you want to lay your eyes on has set up their visibility mode as private. On Instagram, we have a facility to keep our profile in a visibility mode that is either public or private. You can select any of the visibility modes for your profile in the account settings. The public mode allows anyone to follow you and see your profile whereas Private mode allows only the selective people permitted by you to view your posts. Now there are three major ways to how to view a private Instagram profile and see the pictures and posts of the desired person.

how to view a private Instagram profile

Follow them

You can easily send them a follow request and view their personal data if the request is accepted. But there is no for sure guarantee that the person will surely accept your request. You can easily send them the following request from the button on their profile and it’s up to them to accept it or not. Also, it can be a problematic issue if you do not want the profile owner to know that you want to follow them, and view their posts anonymously. As a follow request will send them a notification and ask for their concern whether if the permission is to be granted or not.

Fake id

Also, another way to get the work done is using a fake id. You can create a fake Instagram id and send them the following request. This is How to View a Private Instagram and this way can help only if the person accepts your request. Also, you can make your fake account private to make the person curious and allow you to view their profile. But this method will also cause a lot of embarrassment if caught and the situation will kind of become a little bit awkward. As per your will, you can try this method but there is no guarantee if it will help or not.



Using Instagram viewer tools solving how to view a private Instagram profile


After all the methods fail the question still remains the same how to view a private Instagram profile, the most guaranteed and relevant option is to choose the Instagram viewer tools. These tools are available on internet free of cost and can work directly from the website without having to download it. All these tools allow you to view a private Instagram profile without any much drama involved. Also, it gives you a view of the person’s activities and followers, and keep your identity completely anonymous. But these tools should be used at your own risk only as these sometimes prove to be a scam and later misuse your information.

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